How to Deposit money through Paytm UPI

You must have an account to add money to your wallet.

1.Identifying UPI Id.

Open Paytm app

Click on menu

Click on UPI

Identify and remember the UPI id that ends with @paytm

2.Adding Money to your Wallet

Open your Wallet, then click on Add Balance

Enter amount, tick on pay with UPI and click on Add Balance

Enter Your UPI Id and click on Pay Now

Now the gateway is waiting for your payment.

You will Receive Message as well as Notification From Paytm.

3.Processing Payment Request

Click on Payment Request Notification then click on Pay.

Again Click on Pay button

Enter your UPI PIN

Money Transferred successfully. Then Click on Home Button.

Open Your Browser or App to check Payment Status

The window will redirects you after the successful payment

After successful payment you will be redirected to the wallet page.

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